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Maheshwor Poudel
Pakistan University, Pakistan

Title : Energy Consumption Pattern and Greenhouse Gases Emission: A Case Study on Potentiality of Biogas as a Renewable Energy Technology and its Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gases Emission

Abstract :

The study is focused to analyze the status of Biogas as a Renewable Energy Technology (RET) and its role in reducing the consumption of traditional energy resources and GHGs emission along with the current energy consumption pattern and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emission of the study area. The per capita energy consumption was found as 14.06 GJ per year of the study area. Fuelwood was found to be the dominant energy resource which comprises 93.73% of the total energy and rest 6.27% of energy was supplied by other sources like electricity, kerosene, solar and LPG. The per capita biomass fuel consumption was 13.18 GJ per year, whereas non-biomass fuel consumption was 0.868 GJ. The per capita GHGs emission was found to be of 1209.11 kg CO2e per year of the study area.
The GHGs emission of 205.62 tCO2e per year was reduced from the 27 biogas plants available in the sampled households and the study showed that the possibility of another 57 biogas plants of size 6 m3 which can reduce another 433.20 tCO2e per year of GHGs emission. The study showed that the use of biogas saved 46.67% of fuelwood and if all the 84 potential biogas plants were constructed from the dung produced annually, the amount of fuelwood saved would be 217.32 tons per year per household. Therefore, the RET used in the study area had either reduced or substituted fuelwood as an energy source. The reduction on GHGs emission by the installation of biogas and high potentiality of biogas on the basis of livestock clearly indicates biogas as a suitable RET in reducing GHGs emission with efficient energy use.


Biography :

Maheshwor Poudel has completed his Master’s Degree of Environmental Science in 2015 from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal with specialization in Wildlife Management . He is working as a Lecturer of Environmental Science and Climate Change in various colleges and working asa Environmental Consultant in various Environmental Firms.

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