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Anjali Davender
Andhra University, India

Title : Identification of ground water pollution sources & technoeconomic evaluation of remediation technology

Abstract :

Ground water is the major and perennial source of drinking as well as for agricultural and industrial sectors in both urban and rural areas of northern Gujarat. This study has been carried out in the Kadi Taluka of Mehsana district where in absence of other potential surface water bodies, ground water has been experiencing the high rate of over exploitation. Near Mehsana- Chhatral high way, there are around 11 industrial units are running and many more in the south-west downstream from the study area. Due to industrial activities and their uncontrolled discharges, intentional and unintentional, ground water in this region has been highly polluted with heavy metals and organic compounds which contribute to higher COD, Higher Iron and Reddish brown colour in the water. Besides that, over extraction has created ground water trough below the city. To meet the ever increasing demand for fresh water for industrial, as well as agricultural it is essential to restore the ground water quality. The present study focuses on establishing the cause-effect relationship between pollution and the probable responsible industry as well as identifies appropriate remediation technology. It has also covered the comprehensive study of all avaialable ground water remediation techniques and technologies avaialable worldwide. Considering technical feasibility and economic viability, suitable ground water treatment technology has also been identified and execution is also designed along with proper cost estimation.

Biography :

Anjali has completed his Masters at the age of 26 years from Gujarat Technological University in Environmental Management. She is the Manager- Environment Division, Chola MS Risk Services, a premier environmental serices providing organization.         


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